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360° Risk Management

Live vulnerability tracking and automated incident response communication backed by AI-driven mitigation strategies that pro-actively maintain your security posture while you sleep.


Attack Surface Monitoring

Stay one step ahead by monitoring and managing your digital presence, swiftly identifying new potential threats.


Vulnerability Tracking

Prevent data breaches before they occur with continuous tracking and analysis of identified software and hardware vulnerabilities.


Incident Response Management

Respond to breaches swiftly and efficiently with multi-organizational security data federation, ensuring minimal collateral damages.


Penetration Testing Automation

Fortify your team against phishing and various cyber threats with our customized cyber war games, designed to simulate real-world attacks.


AI-Driven Mitigation Strategy

Scan logs and audit reports are further examined by our AI to make mitigation strategy recommendations and suggest courses of action.


3rd Party API Integration

Seamlessly integrate with your current toolkit, enabling active risk management through fluid data exchange with third-party applications.

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    Actively manages risk... check.

    Analyze your public attack surface as our network scanners keep watch over your entire digital ecosystem every half hour.

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    Plays well with others... check.

    ZepSec has a friendly API interface, so you can plug any of your existing tools into it for easy integration with your existing security tools.

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    Performs under pressure... check.

    Our network scans cover your entire spectrum, and all 65535 ports are analyzed in about five minutes per scan and are scheduled to run after every vulnerability update, every hour of the day.

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